Cadenhead's Whisky Shop

172 Canongate

Royal Mile



Telephone 44+ (0) 131 556 5864 



William Cadenhead Ltd, Wine and Spirit Merchants, were founded in 1842. They are Scotland's oldest independent bottler. The ethos of Cadenhead is they bottle from single casks at the natural malting strength. Visit the Whisky Shop in the Royal Mile 172 Canongate where you can try the whisky from the barrel before purchasing. Cadenhead also sell unique Old Raj Gin, Cognac and Rum.  This is where you can buy that special drink of Scotland to take home and enjoy. Strictly over 18 years of age only.

Cadenhead's is known more as the oldest bottler of Whisky in Scotland however they also have a selection of Cognac, Rums and Gin. Here are a few listed below, for more visit 172 Canongate and taste some specials from the barrel before you buy. 

Old Raj Gin 70cl, 46% ABV

Cadenhead's Classic Gin 70cl, 50% ABV


Nicaraguan Rum 70cl, 46% ABV

Haitian Rum 70cl, 46% ABV

Barbados Rum 70cl, 46% ABV

Brazilian Rum 70cl, 46% ABV

Cadenhead's Classic Lowland Pure Malt 70cl, 50% ABV

Islay Blended Malt - Duthies (WM Cadenhead) 70cl, 46% ABV

Robust Smoky Embers 23 Year Old - Cadenhead Creations  70cl, 54.30% ABV

Campbeltown Blended Malt - Duthies (WM Cadenhead) 70cl, 46% ABV

Cadenhead's Grande Champagne Cognac 70cl 57.9% ABV 

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