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Three Guide book for your self Tour of Edinburgh




All that is required to explore Edinburgh, its history, and wonderful places are the above 3 books and a good pair of shoes.

There are 3 unique encyclopaedic books that have maps that show where everything is or a street index of everything so if you are standing in a street looking at a historic building, monument, statue or historic site. Go to the index find the page shown on the outside edge of the page and check the description of what you are look at. At the blue arrow Birthplace wall tablet  Walter Scott Guthrie Street page 25 / Blue arrow on map red square with 25 (page number) on it To get your copy visit the Royal Mile Market at the Tron on the Royal Mile.  The books will guide you around the old city wall and all the remaining parts that still stand. 

Edinburgh Coat of Arms.


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Edinburgh Coat of Arms.