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Edinburgh - Stirling Tour

Edinburgh, Queensferry, Blackness Castle, Linlithgow Palace, Stirling,

We are so happy to share how lucky we were to get such a talented tour guide with a detailed knowledge of the history of the places we visited with him.

Gary was a very helpful and conscientious guide and he greatly contributed to making it a most memorable day. We add that he pleasantly surprised us with some amazing photos he had taken of us during the trip in some of the really interesting and beautiful venues. We have been pleased to share with our friends that we can recommend an accomplished historian, great guy, talented photographer, and all around super guide and person who by the way, also drives a cab in the Edinburgh area. For those who have any interest at all in golf, he is a very good golfer with an extensive knowledge of local courses and their history. He is a complete source on all things in the broad area around Edinburgh.


John and Sarah Rindlaub


City Taxi 


My wife and I want to thank you again for your wonderful guidebooks (Edinburgh and Outer Areas, Edinburgh City Centre, The Royal Mile Edinburgh) that you so generously gave us as we exited your taxi on Sunday, a week ago.  


Your guidebooks are great and we are enjoying them very much.  Likewise, your website is excellent and loaded with great information.  Of course, our only regret is not knowing of you, your guidebooks and website before we made our way to Scotland and Edinburgh. 


Again, thank you for your generosity and your sharing of Edinburgh's sights and history as you ferried us to our destination.  Our ride with you is among our many wonderful memories of our first trip to Edinburgh and Scotland.


Our best to you and your family, 


Les and Susan Lauziere


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