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Transfers and Transport

Black Taxis

Private Hire Cars

Edinburgh Black taxis have qualified council tested driver who drive Taxi cabs in the Edinburgh area. The Black Taxis can be hired on the street or booked  in advance by phone or download the app. Private hire cars are only available by phone bookings in advance. Being picked up by a private hire car without a previous booking is illegal. Both Black Taxis and Private Hire prices are charge by a metered fare, unless a fixed price has been previously agreed. Black Taxis can take passengers anywhere in main land Britain.  


The City of Edinburgh has a great transport structure with a local service that has fixed prices and takes you to all parts of the city and suburbs. There are also bus services to outer areas over 20 miles away. There is also a national bus station at the east of the city centre which links to all major cities in Scotland and England.


There is a tram service that is limited to a small route stating in the east of the city and ending at the airport. A service that has been designed to benefit from airport travellers. 

Trains by Rail 

Edinburgh has two train stations Waverley which is the main Station and Haymarket which is linked to Waverley and trains going west stop here. The Train services has links all over Scotland East Lothian, Scottish Borders, Glasgow, Falkirk, Stirling, Aberdeen, Dundee and Inverness. With links to the major cities in England.

Tour Buses

Edinburgh has many tour bus companies that have been running for many years and have experienced driver guides that have travel all over Scotland. There are day tours to the Scottish Borders, Highlands, Central Scotland and around Edinburgh City. The Tour buses also provide longer trips that cover more areas of Scotland. 

Direct Flights

Edinburgh Airport has direct flights to over 40 destinations worldwide. or even more with a connection from London's airports.


Car Rental

Edinburgh has all the facilities for the independent traveller, with a car rental hub that is one of the largest in Europe based at Edinburgh Airport and many pick up and drop off hubs throughout Scotland. All the national rental companies have location  in Edinburgh city centre. Cars, Vans, Mini Buses, SUV's, Winnebago and Caravans. 


Parking and Fuel

Fuel stations are available in many areas and a guide to parking at the airport and in the city see link above.

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