Archerfield Walled Garden, restaurant, craft shop, gallery, delicatessen, brewery, children's secure play area and the special Fairy Trail in Archerfield Wood and on the way Willow Walk and the Ribbon Tree wonderful outdoor trails,

Archer field said to be named after the area the troops of King Edward I who encamped here used the area to practice their bowman ship circa 1296 during the English occupation of Scotland after the Battle of Dunbar. There is also 2 Challenging Golf course on the estate. 

                                                                                       FAIRY TRAIL AND WILLOW WALK

                   Before going on the Fairy Trail pop into the shop for a map and Fairy dust that can help you to see,

                                                                                don't forget a ribbon to put on the tree.


Close your eyes and listen to the birds

Because in this wood, they tweet fairy words  ssshhh!

Listen some more, you might just hear

All the little fairies, chatting to the Deer

Little People's way in to Fairy Wood

Big People's way in to Fairy Wood


meeting Place

I believe in


Sign pointing to Fairy Wood

The Fairy Trail has a Fairy Tale

Welcome to the trail

in old Archerfield Wood

Allow yourself to drift,

into a magical mood

Door number Two Archerfield Wood

Meet Bella's neighbour,

with a lovely pink door

Blossom lives here,

with her family of four

Fairy Blossom

Door number Three

Archerfield Wood

Over here,

Fairy Puck lives in a stump,

you won't see him much,

he's a lazy little lump

Door number One

Archerfield Wood

You are at the first door 

knock, knock, knock

Gentle now don't break the lock

Behind this red door Fairy Bella lives

A friendly Fairy,

with much love to give.

Door number Four

Archerfield Wood

Deep in the wood,

is busy Fairy Fee,

Frantically flapping,

she's a busy little bee

Fairy Avah 

Doesn't live here anymore,

just visiting

her Fairy friends

Door number Five

Archerfield Wood

Next it's Fairy Foster, Guardian of them all,

If a Fairy is in trouble,

Foster's the man to call,

He'll cast his magic

and sprinkle fairy dust,

The rock of the wood

in Foster Fairies trust

Door number Six

Archerfield Wood

A blue door will peer out,

Hidden in grass

Fairy Ivy lives here,

a pretty little lass

Door number Seven

Archerfield Wood

At this big tree,

Fairy Al has his home,

He lives a quiet life and is

never one to moan

A Fairy well

for the fairies to get their water

Door number Eight

Archerfield Wood

But the one to look out for 

is door nuber eight

A mischievous little guy,

is young Fairy Bates

In the wrong place, at the wrong time

Hmmm, is it just him

or is it an obvious sign

Door number Nine

Archerfield Wood

But Bates is always watched,

and kept in line

By old Fairy Nina,

who lives at number nine

Door number Ten

Archerfield Wood

On we go, let's go and explore

Who lives over here, behind the yellow door

It's Fairy Daisy's home, the nosiest one around

She's at every Fairy meeting,

ear to the ground

Door number Eleven

Archerfield Wood

And up out of the way,

the highest door in the trees

Is Fairy Jake's house,

where he lives with bumble bees

The Fairies are watching you 

look up in the trees

and you might see

a Fairy looking down

from a tree

Door number Twelve

Archerfield Wood

Further we go, oh look a door of green

Give him a chap, he's usually pretty keen

It's Fairy teacher Lorcan, the headmaster

of the school

A fairy education,there is no greater tool

Door number Thirteen

Archerfield Wood

Only a few more doors to rat - tat - tat

At this lovely setting is Fairy baker Pat

He'll keep the fairies fed,

until it's time for bed

He makes fairy dust, or so it has been said



Door number Fourteen

Archerfield Wood

So who is next on our awesome Fairy Walk?

Bihind the purple door is a Fairy who can talk

Chatter, chatter, chatter,

is all she seems to do

Fairy Mary is a Ggossip,

and knows all about you

The Fairy Bridge above No.15

Door number Fifteen

Archerfield Wood

Well, you are at the last door,

in old Archerfield Wood

Meet Fairy Tinker, fixes anything he could

Hammer, Screw and tinker,

he's a handy little guy

giv him a wave,

because it's time to say goodbye

Away we go through the the door where Fairies can't go

until we return another day

ta ta for now !

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