Robert Louis Stevenson was born Robert Louis Balfour Stevenson at 8 Howard Place, Edinburgh, on 13 November 1850. He then moved with his parents to a new family home in Inverleith Row  before moving to 17 Heriot Row for the next 23 years of his life, before moving to Tusitala an island of Samoa, where he lived until he died in 1894 (aged 44).

The most famous story from Robert Louis Stevenson is Treasure Island. Robert Louis Stevenson often visited the beaches at the area known today as Yellowcraigs and it is said that he based his map of Treasure Island on the shape of Fidra Island. Another story is the Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde based on William (Deacon) Brodie.

Robert Stevenson, Robert Louis Stevenson’s father was also a famous man as was his grandfather

(engineers and lighthouse builders). There is a bronze memorial to Robert Louis Stevenson in the

Moray Aisle of St Giles Cathedral.

robert louis stevenson Heriot Row plaque edinburgh
robert louis stevenson Heriot Row edinburgh
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