Holyrood Distillery Edinburgh

Distillery Tours  &  Tasting Tours 

Holyrood Distillery is the first distillery in the Edinburgh City for almost 100 years.


The Holyrood Distillery Visitor Centre opens on the 30th July 2019.


Tours are available for booking online

There are 5 different tours

Holyrood Distillery Tour

Holyrood Gin Experience 

Holyrood Whisky Experience

The tree tours above have a 1 Hour duration. While the two below are 2 hours duration.

Whisky Masterclass with Head Distiller Jack Mayo.

Whisky Tasting Tour.


Find out more about the tours visit Holyrood Distillery website



Drinking Alcohol is only permitted to persons over 18 years of age

Visit the Holyrood Distillery Shop and get an advance taste of what is still to come

Holyrood Distillery

St Leonard's Lane




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