Gilmerton and Liberton

Liberton Tower &  Liberton House 

The Liberton area in the south of Edinburgh derives its name from ‘lepers town', A Leper colony previously located in this area. The Little family were land owners here from circa 1590 first owning Liberton Tower then building Liberton House.

Liberton Tower has grand furnished period interior over three floors and also an outside walkway. Liberton House is a mansion House with a Do'cot. Liberton House is haunted and sightings of ghostly apparitions have been seen and also voices in the night.

Liberton Tower &  Liberton House 

The Little family owned Liberton Tower from circa 1590, built circa 1450.  William Little (Litil) younger brother of Clement both with association to the founding of the University of Edinburgh. William Little (Litil) was a Burgess and Lord Provost of Edinburgh built Liberton House circa 1600.  Liberton Tower had been abandoned by circa 1610. There are inscriptions of 1675 and 1683 on Liberton House which was when the house was extended by decedents. There is also a Do’cot which all large houses had to provide fresh meat from the birds occupying the do’cot.

Gilmerton Cove(Caves)

The mystery of the Gilmerton Cove a secret hideout for the Knights Templar or an illegal drinking den. It is believed the caves were dug in early 1700s by a local blacksmith as a house. Go down the caves and decide for yourself. They can be found at 16 Drum Street Gilmerton once a village outside Edinburgh.

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