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Gilmerton and Liberton

Liberton Tower &  Liberton House 

The Liberton area in the south of Edinburgh derives its name from ‘lepers town', A Leper colony previously located in this area. The Little family were land owners here from circa 1590 first owning Liberton Tower then building Liberton House.

Liberton Tower has grand furnished period interior over three floors and also an outside walkway.

Liberton House is a mansion House with a Do'cot.

Liberton House is haunted and sightings of ghostly apparitions have been seen and also voices in the night.

Liberton Tower Edinburgh

Liberton Tower &  Liberton House 

The Little family owned Liberton Tower from circa 1590, built circa 1450.  William Little (Litil) younger brother of Clement both with association to the founding of the University of Edinburgh. William Little (Litil) was a Burgess and Lord Provost of Edinburgh built Liberton House circa 1600.  Liberton Tower had been abandoned by circa 1610. There are inscriptions of 1675 and 1683 on Liberton House which was when the house was extended by decedents. There is also a Do’cot which all large houses had to provide fresh meat from the birds occupying the do’cot.

Liberton House Edinburgh
Liberton House Do'cot Edinburgh

Gilmerton Cove (Caves)

Edinburgh Attractions

The mystery of the Gilmerton Cove a secret hideout for the Knights Templar or an illegal drinking den.

It is believed the caves were dug in early 1720s by a local blacksmith as a house. Go down the caves and decide for yourself. They can be found at 16 Drum Street Gilmerton. A small village that stood south of  Edinburgh.

This cave was dug out of rock by one George Paterson, a smithy. Completed in 1724 after five years hard labour, as reads the inscription on one of the chimney-heads.

There are several compartments and were lived in by Paterson and his wife for many years.

Gilmerton Cove

Liberton Kirk

There has been a religious building on this site from as far back as the 8th century.

There is evidence of a chapel here, as mention was made in the Great Charter of Holyrood, signed in 1143.

Liberton Kirk was not the first  church on this site. the foundation stone of this building was laid in 1815 the old church being knocked down the previous year. 

Liberton Kirk Edinburgh

Rev James Grant 

Plaque and Memorial Stone

James Grant became the parish minister in August 1789 and dies in June 1831 and is remains are interned in the tower of the church. Erected in memorial of the long serving minister of almost 42 years

Rev James Grant AM Plaque Liberton Kirk
Rev James Grant Memorial Liberton Kirk E

Living Stones Cairn

On the bicentenary of Liberton Kirk a stone cairn was erected at the south west corner of the church Its stones are a symbol of the church's “living stones” the people who continue to be the church of Jesus Christ in this place even though buildings change.

Living Stones Cairn Liberton Kirk Edinbu
Liberton Kirk Cairn Plaque Edinburgh

Dr Guthrie’s Ragged School

What is Guthrie Court nursing home was originally opened in 1887 as a Ragged School which replaced the first ragged school on Castlehill. The plaque reads; Founded by Dr Guthrie in Edinburgh 1847 transferred to Liberton 1887.

Dr Guthrie's Ragged School Liberton Edin
Dr Guthrie School Plaque Liberton Edinbu

Liberton Inn Edinburgh

"Reuben Butler's House"

The block of buildings have been at the centre of the old Liberton Village for centuries. The building at one time housed Liberton School and the master's house (Reuben Butler) from circa 1780 to 1889 when a new school was built.

 Reuben Butler, the sweetheart of Jennie Deans, in Walter Scott's 'Heart of Midlothian'. The corner building has been an In since circa 1850 and the rest was sold to a ironmonger in 1889 before it became a part of the Inn. a few years later. 

Liberton Inn Edinburgh

Melville Castle Edinburgh

Melville Castle named after the first owner Galfrid De Melville Circa 1150. Melville Castle was also said to have been for a time owned by David Rizzio and Mary Queen of Scots often visited. Other Royals that have visited the castle are George IV in 1828 and in 1842 Queen Victoria visited Melville Castle when she was on her tour of Scotland. 

It is said that a ghost has been seen on many occasions and it is thought to be Queen Mary looking for David Rizzio. 

Melville Castle can be found at the very east end of Gilmerton Road at Melville Gate on the road to Dalkeith.

Melville Castle Edinburgh
The Dundas family crest which can be seen above the main entrance to Melville Castle
Dundas Family Crest






INSCRIBED ABOVE THE LION'S HEAD                   (TRANSLATION)                     


Butterfly World

Butterfly and Insect World 

Edinburgh Attractions.

Take a walk in the Reptile Room lizards, chameleons and giant snakes. See the Bugs and Beasties spiders, stick insects and, frogs and walk round while hundreds of multi coloured Butterflies flutter around you



Butterfly and Insect World. Dobbie Garde
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