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Craiglockhart - Meggetland

Edinburgh Attractions

Craiglockhart is one of the areas of the seven hills of Edinburgh. There are two hills west and East with amazing 360 degree views of Edinburgh. The union canal runs parallel with the length of the area. with a walkway that will take you to the canal basin at Fountainbridge. Craiglockhart  has a tennis centre and Meggetland as playing field with Boroughmuir Rugby Union Clubs home ground. There is a nature reserve, loch, and historic sites a good walk and plenty to see and do. 

Craiglockhart Castle (Tower)

All that remains of the Castle (Tower) is a ruin of a 4 floored tower with walls 5 foot thick.

It is unknown who built it but the first land owners were the Lockhart’s of Lea in the 12th century.

However it is thought that the Kincaid family lived there during the reign of James the VI in the late 1500s.

The Lockhart’s or Kincaid’s who knows.

Craiglockhart Tower Edinburgh

Craiglockhart House

Craiglockhart House Colinton Edinburgh

Water of Leith Visitor Centre

Water of Leith Visitor Centre
Water of Leith Visitors Centre  Lanark R

Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Arthur’s Seat is where the apostle Orsan Pratt of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints when in Edinburgh would climbed to the top of the hill and look down on the city and pray for converts to his church. Orsan Pratt was one of the leaders of his church and travelled the world recruiting converts and it was in 1840 he recruited in Edinburgh.




William Kinnimond Burton's family home was Craig House, part of the old

Craighouse campus of Napier University. In 1877 he was invited by the Meiji Government of Japan to become the first Professor of Sanitary Engineering and lecturer in Rivers, Docks and Harbours at the Imperial University of Tokyo. He designed new water and drainage systems for Tokyo, (population of one and a half million), and many other towns and cities in

Japan and Taiwan. He also designed Japan’s first skyscraper, ‘Ryounkaku’, in Tokyo. William Kinnimond Burton became an icon of modern Japan. He died on 5 August, 1899 at the age of 43. An impressive tombstone was built in the Aoyama Cemetery in Tokyo. To this day, people still gather for an annual ceremony to lay flowers on his grave and sing Scottish folk songs.

An accomplished photographer he had a book ABC of Modern Photography published in 1882. Burton helped form the Photographic Society of Japan in 1890.

Old Craig House Doorway Edinburgh
Standing Stone William Kinnimond Burton
Craig House Coat of Arms Edinburgh
Old Craig House Colinton Edinburgh

New Craig House

Craig House is a historic house and estate located on Easter Craiglockhart Hill, between the Craiglockhart and Morningside areas of Edinburgh, Scotland. Old Craig House seen above, dates from the 16th century, and succeeded an earlier building.

The House and Lands were purchased by Andrew Duncan of the Royal Edinburgh Hospital in the late 19th century, and the site was developed as Craig House Hospital, a psychiatric hospital, (Asylum) including substantial new buildings. Following refurbishment, the site was opened in 1996 as the Craighouse Campus of Edinburgh Napier University.

New Craig House Asylum Colinton Edinburg

Union Canal Walkway
Craiglockhart Edinburgh

Walk from Fountainbridge in Edinburgh at the Edinburgh Quay along the Union Canal path to Meggetland where you can cross the road to Craiglockhart woods and Nature Reserve.

Union Canal Walkway Craiglockhart and Me

Craiglockhart Tennis Centre

This is where many of the old Lawn tennis champions have played in years gone bye.

Craiglockhart Tennis Centre Edinburgh

Nature Reserve & Wood

This is one of the less known reserves but a very important one as it has many different species of woodland and plants and Loch. For more go to Craiglockhart Hills Walkhighlands.

Happy Valley Loch Craiglockhart Edinburg

Craiglockhart  Hills

The origins of the name Craiglockhart came from the first land owners Lockhart’s of Lea, who owned the land and had a tower fort which the remains can still be seen between the summits dating from the 12th century.

Craiglockhart Hill Summits Edinburgh

Easter Craiglockhart Hill

The Easter Craiglockhart Hill on one side is the Merchant's Golf Course the other is a wooded marshland and loch. This hill is made from volcanic rock  and has public right of way. 

Easter Craiglockhart Hill Edinburgh

Wester Craiglockhart  Hill

 The Wester Craiglockhart Hill has a stone fort on the summit.

Artefacts have been found which date back to when Romans occupied the area in 240 AD.

However the hill was formed over 300 million years ago when volcanoes like Arthur Seat were prevalent in the area. 

Wester Craiglockhart Hill Edinburgh
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