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Jeffrey Street

Attractions Edinburgh

Jeffrey Street was built as an access to Market Street and the new Waverley Rail Station and was built on 10 arches and named after Lord Francis Jeffrey an Edinburgh gentleman born in Charles Street and

died in Manor Place Edinburgh age 77 years.

The Closes of the High Street once ran to what was the Nor Loch before development of the lower part of the

High Street Closes and the construction of Jeffrey Street took place. 

The arches which are part of East Market Street have been developed into a mixture of retail premises

Below Jeffrey Street stands East Market Street. 

 There are great views of Calton hill from Jeffrey Street.

Also access to the High Street in the Royal Mile by Chalmer’s Close, Carrubber’s Close and North Gray’s Close all.

Jeffrey Street

Attractions Edinburgh

Jeffrey Street Royal Mile Edinburgh

Old St Paul's Church

Jeffrey Street Edinburgh

Old St Paul’s Church stands where the original home of Scottish Episcopalianism in Edinburgh. There has been a place of worship in Carrubber’s Close since 1689 when a group of parishioners and a Bishop (Rose who was the last Bishop) from Saint Giles moved into an old wool store in the Close.

American Samuel Seabury first worshipped in Old Saint Paul’s in 1752.

In later years he was chosen to become the first Bishop of the United States,

The Lady Chapel in Old Saint Paul’s is dedicated to Seabury’s memory.

In Old St Paul’s Church can be found the original Grassmarket Cross. And a plaque beside it tells the story,

Old St Paul's  Carrubber's Close Jeffrey
Old St Paul's Church Jeffrey Street Edin

Carrubber's Close

Jeffrey Street Edinburgh

Carrubber's Close runs from Jeffrey Street to the High Street Royal Mile. As do Chalmer's Close, and North Gray's Close.   

Carruber's Close Jeffrey Street (2).JPG
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