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Chambers Street 

Edinburgh Attractions

Guthrie Street


The streets are all part of the old town area all with street names being changed. 

The First known name for the street which extended from Candlemaker Row at George IV Bridge included Chambers Street and Infirmary Street finishing in High School Yards was called Jamaica Street.

(Ainslie’s map of Edinburgh 1580 – 1919). It was changed to Chambers Street in 1867 after William Chambers Lord Provost of Edinburgh for four years. The main attraction in Chambers Street is the National Museum of Scotland.

Chambers Street Edinburgh

 National Museum of Scotland

Chamber Street Edinburgh 

The National Museum of Scotland houses outstanding international collections from Science and Industry, The Natural World, Decorative Arts plus the History of Scotland from its geological beginnings to the 21st century and many other wonderful and interesting exhibits. The museum was modernised after a 2 year closure and was re-opened in July 2011. There are two parts to the building, the former Museum of Scotland and the modern extension of the building opened in 1998. The former Royal Museum opened in 1866. There are many things for adults and children to do and see on a cold wet summer day, such as becoming an astronaut. The museum is on 7 floors and has lifts and stairways connecting each area. Enter the Museum from the new extension and you will come across Sir Jackie Stewart’s Formula One Car.

There is also a café and restaurant. Entry is free.

National Museum
National Museum Of Scotland Tower Entran
National Museum of Scotland Tower Entran
National Museum of Scotland

William Chambers Statue

Chambers Street Edinburgh

The statue of William Chambers stands at the National Museum of Scotland in Chambers Street. William Chambers was the Lord Provost of Edinburgh from 1865 to 1869. Look at the panels on the base of the statue. He was a bookseller, printer and publisher. He was also responsible for the restoration of St Giles Cathedral. Chambers Street was named after him in 1867. The picture below shows the statue of William Chambers. The Statue was renovated and moved from the centre of the road a few years ago 

William Chambers Statue Chambers Street
William Chambers. Statue Chamber Street

William Playfair

Chambers Street Edinburgh

William Playfair Born Benvie Dundee 1790 – 1857 The Statue of William Playfair Stands outside the National Museum of Scotland in Chambers Street close to the Playfair Library in the University of Edinburgh Building. William Playfair was a renowned architect and a leader of architectural methods.

William Playfair Chambers Sreet Edinburgh

National Museum of Scotland Inside

Nation Museum of Scotland Chamber Street
Interactive Exhibits National Museum of Scotland
Interactive Exhibits National Museum of Scotland
Tartan weaving Loom National Museum of Scotland
Animals of the present and past

Crown Office Rooftop 

Chamber Street Edinburgh

The building was originally built for the  Watt Institution by David Rnind in 1872 and furth building was carried out by John Chesser in 1867.

Edinburgh's Rooftops Chambers Sreet Edinburgh

Guthrie Street


Guthrie Street was built to replace College Wynd and was named after Dr Thomas Guthrie the founder of the first Ragged School in 1841, which can be seen in Ramsay Lane of Castlehill Royal Mile Edinburgh. Guthrie Street is a link between Chamber Street and the Cowgate Edinburgh. 

Sir Walter Scott Places to See

The plaque can be seen on the wall at the corner of Guthrie Street and Chambers Street is to signify the location of the house where Sir Walter Scott was born in August 1771. Walter Scott was born in College Wynd which was demolished and replaced with modern housing.

Walter Scott's Birthplace Stone Guthrie Street Edinburgh
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