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Lothian Road

Edinburgh Attractions

Lothian Road was built to give access from the west of Princes Street to the southside of new Edinburgh. Below are some of the attractions to look for in Lothian Road. There are man pubs and restaurants in Lothian Road a concert hall, Film house and multiplex cinema and al types of accommodation. 

Usher Hall

Lothian Road Edinburgh

The Usher Hall Edinburgh was opened on 16 March 1914 and was funded by Andrew Usher the whisky Distiller for the sole purpose as a concert hall. The Usher Hall has been used for many different events such as the Commonwealth Games boxing tournament in 1986, Euro-vision Song Contest 1972, Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra in 1947 and in 1914 a speech by the then Prime Minister Asquith (The War).

It is still used to this day for concerts.

The Usher Hall Lothian Road Edinburgh

Bell Clock Tower

Lothian Road Edinburgh

The Bell Tower and Clock was presented to he City of Edinburgh by Arthur Bell & Sons Ltd Scotch Whisky Distillers of Perth in 1962. The Clock was originally positioned outside the Usher Hall (possibly as the Usher hall was funded by Andrew Usher and name after him) the clock proved unpopular with concert-goers because its chimes every quarter Hour which was heard over the concert music in the hall. The clock became silent in 2002 due to a fault. In 2010, the clock was taken across the road To its present position in Festival Square but the chimes have never been heard again even though they were fixed. 

The Bell Clock Tower plaque festival square edinburgh
The Bell Clock Tower festival square edinburgh

Festival Square

Lothian Road Edinburgh

festival square lothian road edinburgh

Woman and Child


Lothian Road Edinburgh

The statue represents and honours all those killed or imprisoned for their stand against apartheid. The statue was unveiled in 1986 by Suganya Chetty, a member of the African National Congress then living in exile in Edinburgh. For those who do not remember, Nelson Mandela was released on 11th February 1990 after being imprisoned for 27 years and died in 2013 at the age of 99 years. The Father of South Africa.

statue lothian road edinburgh women and child aparthied

The Edinburgh Filmhouse

Lothian Road Edinburgh

is the home of the Edinburgh International Film Festival was originally opened in 1978 and extended in 1985. The Filmhouse is a publicly funded cinema and is open 7 days a week showing all genre of films from foreign to arthouse and has three screens. 

 film house lothian road edinburgh

Alastair Sim (Actor)

The Film House Lothian Road has a plaque to Alistair Sim

Alastair Sim was born in Edinburgh on 9 October 1900. 

He was a Scottish character actor who appeared in a string of classic British Films.  He played Ebenezer Scrooge in the 1951 film Scrooge and also the role of Miss Fritton, the headmistress in two St Trinian’s films. The original school was at 10 Palmerston Road in Edinburgh now a private residence described by Ronnie Corbett as a “sad-faced actor, with the voice of a fastidious ghoul”.

film house Alastair Sim plaque lothian road edinburgh

Sean Connery

(James Bond 007)

Thomas Sean Connery was born in Fountainbridge Edinburgh in August 1930.

He was educated at Darroch Academy and started work as a milkman delivering milk to the local houses. Joined the navy, 3rd place in Mr Universe in 1950, in 1962 became a household name as James Bond and the rest is history.  

Ronald Balfour

“Ronnie” Corbett OBE

Ronald Balfour “Ronnie” Corbett OBE was born in Edinburgh on 4 December 1930. He lived in a house in Marchmont Crescent Edinburgh.  He is a Scottish actor and comedian and is best known for his association with Ronnie Barker in the series The Two Ronnies.  He was educated at the Royal High School in Edinburgh.  He has worked in film, television and on stage since the 1950s sadly died in March 2016.

film house plaque lothian road edinburgh

Women of Achievement

Lynda Myles

Lothian Road Edinburgh

Linda Myles was born in Arbroath in 1947

A film and television producer and director of the Edinburgh Film Festival for 8 years. She had success as a producer with a number of independent film including The Commitments in 1991. She also received a British Film Industry special award for services to the film industry.

lynda myles film house lothian road edinburgh

St Cuthbert's Church

Lookout Tower

Lothian Road Edinburgh

On the Corner of King's Stables Road and Lothian Road stands a castellated tower built 1827, this is where a guard would spend his nights watching over the graves of St Cuthbert's Church. Watching for the notorious Burke and Hare or some other rouges that were looking to make money by selling the bodies to the Doctor in the medical School, who used them to teach the students about anatomy.

Lookout Tower St Cuthbert's Burial Gound

Bum the Dog

ST Cuthbert's Graveyard Edinburgh

Edinburgh and San Diego, California share a twinning link with a difference. Each city is home to a historic famous dog. Edinburgh has Greyfriars Bobby who died in 1872 at the age of 16 years and San Diego has Bum the vagabond dog who died in 1898 age 12 years. Bum can be found in St Cuthbert's Kirkyard Lothian Road.

Bum the Dog west princes street gardens edinburg Allaboutedinburgh Princes Street Edinburgh
Bum the Dog plaque west princes street gardens edinburg Allaboutedinburgh Princes Street Edinburgh

Catherine Sinclair Fountain

Lothian Road Edinburgh

The Sinclair Drinking Fountain one of many donated by Catherine Sinclair to Edinburgh Stood in the centre of the junction between Lothian Road and Princes Street in Edinburgh . Close to the walkway at the corner where St John’s Church stands. The Sinclair Fountain was to give water to the public dogs and horses. The Sinclair Fountain stood circa 14 foot high, the top part can be seen in Gosford Place Gardens of Ferry Road near to the Water of Leith Walkway. The images below show the three sides of the remaining part of the Fountain.

Catherine Sinclair Fountain Lothian Road
Sinclair Fountain West End Edinburgh

St John's Church 

Lothian Road Edinburgh

St John's Church stands on the corner of Lothian Road and Princes Street, has a history from 1818.

Dean Ramsay was a clergyman in St John’s for 45 years. A cross stands in Princes Street in his Memeory

St John'S Church Edinburgh
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