Waverley Bridge Edinburgh

The Waverley Bridge is the main transport hub of Edinburgh.

This is in fact the third Waverley Bridge the first time it was replace was in the 1869.

  The present bridge was built in 1896.


You will be able to easily get a Taxi to any destination from the rail station

The main rank is situated at the main entrance from the train platforms.

This is also the location of  the Waverley Rail Station with connections to the whole of the United Kingdom.

Waverley Bridge Edinburgh

The Gumley Drinking Fountain

Waverley Bridge Edinburgh

The Gumley Fountain can be found at the top of Waverley Bridge.

It was presented to the City of Edinburgh by Lindsay D Gumley, Deacon and Convener of Trades unveiled in 1966.

gumley drinking fountain waverley bridge edinburgh

Black Taxi Rank

The Booking Office Bar and Restaurant

17 Waverley Bridge

Edinburgh Transport Information Office

Waverley Bridge

Edinburgh Coat of Arms.
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Edinburgh Coat of Arms.