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The Real Mary King's Close

2 Warriston's Close, High Street, Royal Mile, Edinburgh, EH1 1PG

Mary King


Mary King’s Close named after the daughter of the owner Alexander King the owner of the Close circa 1600. Alexander King was a wealthy merchant (Burgess of Edinburgh) he owned many properties in Edinburgh. Previous to him was Touris (Towris) Close after George Touris of Inverleith. Mary King’s Close is under the Royal Exchange now City Chambers. The Close is a place where the plague of 1645 killed thousands and left buildings with no residents. There are many Ghosts and many stories of evil lurking in the close. The Close also burned by a great fire in 1750. 


The Real Mary King's Close

Now Mary King's Close is one of the most visited sites when in Edinburgh.

The Tour takes you back to the times of no electric (Gas light was first introduced to the High Street in 1820)

and no sanitation where they would through the waste from their windows. 

Real Mary King's Close High Street Royal Mile Edinburgh
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