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Robert Louis Stevenson


Stevenson Family Edinburgh

Born 8 Howard Place Inverleith.

The Stevenson family moved in 1857 to 17 Heriot Row Edinburgh where he lived from the age of 7 for the next 23 years the Stevenson family home. Robert Louis Stevenson Memorial Stone and trees can be found close to the Norwegian boulder in west Princes Street Gardens. In the Writers' Museum in the Lawnmarket is many artefacts and his life's story. There is also slab in Makars' Court Royal Mile in honour to Robert Louis Stevenson. 

Robert Louis Stevenson's Birthplace 8 Howard Place Edinburgh
Robert Louis Stevenson's Home from the age of 7
Memorial Stone in west Princes Street Gardens Edinburgh to Robert Luois Stevenson
Robert Louis Stevenson's Birthplace
Robert Louis Stevenson's Home from the age of 7
robert louis stevenson's slab in Makars' court royal mile edinburgh

Robert Louis Stevenson University of Edinburgh.

The plaque in George Square Edinburgh reads; In honour of Robert Louis Stevenson 1850-1894 Poet, author of Treasure Island, Kidnapped, Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde, alumnus of the University. Robert attended the University at 17 years to study law. Which he gave up for writing.

Robert Louis Stevenson Plaque George Square Edinburgh

Robert Louis Stevenson 1850 – 1894.

A statue of Robert Louis Stevenson as a boy sits outside Colinton Parish Church where he attended Sunday worship with his family. The inscription on the slab in Makars' Court reads; There are no stars as lovely, as Edinburgh street lamps, Robert Louis Stevenson, 1850 - 1894. The School House where  Robert Louis Stevenson attended pictured below.

Robert Luois Stevenson Statue as a Boy
Robert Louis Stevenson Primary School 1857 Plaque
School of Robert Louis Stevenson Canonmills Edinburgh


Robert Louis Stevenson

 “There is scarce a deep sea light from Isle of Man To North Berwick, but one of my blood designed it. The Bell Rock stands monument for my Grandfather, The Skerry Vhor for my Uncle Alan, And when the lights come out along the shores of Scotland I am proud to think that they burn brightly for The genius of my Father.”  

robert stevenson light house north berwick high street
Robert Louis Stevenson Alley North Berwick
Letter by Robert Louis Stevenson

Robert Louis Stevenson spent a great deal of time in North Berwick where his uncle would rent a house for the summer. In the High Street of North Berwick there is a lane of the High Street and on the walls you can find drawings and newspaper articles about Robert Louis Stevenson and his family. 

Fidra Island Firth of Forth
Portrait of Robert Louis Stevenson

The Yew Tree that Robert Louis Stevenson would swing on at Colinton Parish Church. This inspired him to write The Swing. The Long Steps, A walk with Robert Louis Stevenson, Looking Glass River. 

Robert Louis Stevenson Swing and Yew Tree
Stevenson Steps Colinton Village
Walk with Robert Louis Stevenson Colinton

The statue pictured is of Thomas Balfour and Alan Breck Stewart departing from Corstorphine Hill Edinburgh. They were the characters in the novel Kidnapped, which was about the Jacobite uprising and the true story of the two main characters.

A noval by Robert Louis Stevenson and also a Film.

Medallion of Robert Luois Stevenson
kidnapped Robert Louis Stevenson Memorial
Plaque Of statue of Alan Breck Stuart and David Balfour from Kidnapped

Robert Stevenson

A case where a famous grandfather had an even more famous grandson. Robert Stevenson was a Scottish civil engineer and a specialist in lighthouse design. During his career he designed and oversaw construction of 18 lighthouses. His sons David and Thomas were also designers of Lighthouses Fidra Lighthouse and the Bass Rock Lighthouse were both designed by the Stevenson's. Robert Stevenson's bust in 1 Baxter Place Edinburgh where he lived in Edinburgh. An apt tribute to a great man,  'thanks to Courtyard by Marriott for the tribute'.

Robert Stevenson Grandfather of Robert Louis Stevenson

The Regent Bridge Waterloo Place Edinburgh Building started in 1815 and opened on the 18th August 1819

The inscription on the regaent bridge edinburgh
The inscription on the regaent bridge edinburgh

Robert Stevenson also built the Regent Bridge in Waterloo Place which was completed to give access from

Leith to Princes Street and the New Town. The bridge spanned what was Leith Wynd a road from the Canongate to Leith.

This was the original route the Coaches to London would take before the bridge was built.  

regent bridge arch facing south
regent bridge arch facing north
Robert Stevenson Newspaper cutting North

Robert Stevenson

Lighthouses by the Stevenson Family


Pentland Skerries Lighthouse.

Bell Rock Lighthouse Lighthouse,

(off of the east coast of Scotland near Dundee)

Isle of May Lighthouse,

(Firth of Forth Island)
Corsewall Lighthouse

Point of Ayre Lighthouse

(Isle of Man)
Calf of Man Lighthouse

(Isle of Man)
Sumburgh Head Lighthouse

(Shetland Islands)
Rinns of Islay Lighthouse

(Orsay, Inner Hebrides)
Buchan Ness Lighthouse

(Boddam Peterhead)
Cape Wrath Lighthouse 

Tarbat Ness Lighthouse

(Portmahomack Burghead)
Mull of Galloway Lighthouse

Dunnet Head Lighthouse

Girdle Ness Lighthouse

Barra Head Lighthouse

(Isle Berneray Outer Hebrides)

Lismore Lighthouse on the islet of

(Eielan Musdile)

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