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Royal Mile Edinburgh 

Castlehill, Lawnmarket

High Street, Canongate

Abbey Strand Horse Wynd

All About Edinburgh 


Edinburgh Royal Mile 

Edinburgh Royal Mile and Edinburgh Castle are the most famous place in the world with over 2 million visitors a year.

The Royal Mile is the name for 6 streets that links Edinburgh Castle with the Palace Holyrood House.

Edinburgh Castle is where it all began.


The Six Parts to Royal Mile Edinburgh

 From the Edinburgh Castle a short street Castlehill joins the Lawnmarket, which joins to the High Street which is the largest of the streets of about 500 m. with shops restaurants, cafes, attractions, museums, pubs and places to stay its like a town on its own as it was in the 16th century with over 40,000 residents. 

Castlehill (Northside)

Royal Mile 

Ramsay Lane

Ramsay Garden

Skinner's Close

Semple's Close

Jollie's Close

Castlehill (Southside)

Royal Mile 

Castle wynd North

Cannonball House Close

Boswell's Court

Lawnmarket (Northside)

Royal Mile  

Milne's Close 

Milne's Court

 Jame's Court

(west entry) (Mid Entry) (East Entry)

Lady Stair's Close

Makars' Court

Wardrop's Close

Lawnmarket (Southside)

Royal Mile 

Upper Bow

Johnston's Close

Riddle's Close

Fisher's Close

Brodie's Close

Buchanan's Close

The Worlds End Edinburgh

Beyond the High Street is the Edinburgh Royal Mile Canongate more shops restaurants, pubs and attractions, museums and the Canongate Kirk where the Queen goes to church when staying at the Palace of Holyrood House here main residence in Edinburgh. Abbey Strand and Horse Wynd are where the Palace of Holyrood House stands  with the Scottish Parliament building in Horse Wynd and access to Arthur Seat you have walked the Royal Mile.

Abbey Strand

Royal Mile Edinburgh

Holyrood House Palace

Holyrood Abbey

Queen Mary's Bath House


Horse Wynd

Royal Mile Edinburgh

Scottish Parliament

Queens Gallery


Arthur Seat

St Anthony's Chapel

St Anthony's Well

Dunsapie Loch

St Margaret's Loch

St Margaret's Well

Muchret's Cairn

Queen’s Park Edinburgh

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