Edinburgh Old Town

Edinburgh Old Town was originally the streets from Edinburgh Castle to St Mary's Wynd at the Nether Bow Port (Gate) . On the north side was a sharp incline down the side of the castle rock and a hill that ended in the Nor Loch and to the south was also a step hill which took you to another loch which was drained prior to 1300's and where the Cowgate and Grassmarket now stand. This area was surrounded by a high wall to keep invaders out (The English). Now we welcome them to visit and enjoy our hospitality. 

Edinburgh Old Town

The original Old Town of Edinburgh was surrounded by a wall, The Kings wall which was constructed in 1450. A larger and more significant wall was built in 1513 after the battle of Flodden in Northumberland, where the Scot's army were heavily defeated. It was decided by the city council that to defend the city a wall be erected to stop the English from invading and taking control of the city. The wall completed by 1560 with an extension in 1630. The King's Bridge can be found over King's Stables Road. The wall was built from Edinburgh Castle wall down to and over the Grassmarket up to the high ground in line with Grayfriars Kirk crossing at the Bristo Gate following South College Street to protect the University of Edinburgh, continuing down Drummond Street to protect the area known as Kirk 'O' Fields, then turning north towards St Mary's Wynd and on to the Trinity Church that stood at the side of the Nor Loch. The Nor Loch was to the north side of the castle and city, where Princes Street and Princes Street Gardens are today.  It stretched between the 2 churches St Cuthberts R.C. in the west and The Trinity Church in the east. A further wall was built to protect George Heriot's Hospital (school) The Taillefer wall in 1630 named after the designer.

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