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You get one small advert that links to a large advert
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Reductions for multiple adverts
One Large advert each site (2) £150
Single Large advert (1) is £90 on either site.
One small and One Large (2) on one sites £120 
One Small advert (2) one on each site £80
Single Small advert £50 on one site
Adverts are linked to each other
All prices are charged annually in advance.
1 Free change available per year.
Main advertiser advert on all pages
(380 +pages) £2000
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All content is subject to agreement.



Mumbai Diner's Club

Indian Restaurant

Mumbai Diners Club

We are at the west end of Princes street near Haymarket Rail Station, bus stops. 


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Terms and conditions of Advertising

An “Advertiser” means a person or company that has entered into an agreement with All About Edinburgh in relation to the inclusion on the Website of listing or other advertising content.


Content on website

Subject to agreement and payment in advance by the Advertiser and content supplied to All About Edinburgh by the advertiser and confirmation from the Advertiser of the final advertisement. All About Edinburgh will publish the Advertiser’s listing on the All About Edinburgh website continuously for one Calendar year or the period agreed in writing.


All About Edinburgh have full control over all material appearing on the All About Edinburgh website.  

The advertiser will be fully responsible for providing text and images and of any changes required on their advertisement throughout the advertising period.


Changes and Discounts

Any changes to the advertisement will have no charge to the advertiser, Limited to one change per annum. Multiple adverts will receive a discount. 


All About Edinburgh has the right to change, amend, remove or refuse material for use within an Advertisement ensuring that information supplied from the advertiser is accurate and factual. No explicit abusive text or nude images.


Payment of receipt-going live

Prior to advertisement going live on the All About Edinburgh website, full Payment in cleared funds must have been received for the advertisement.


On agreement of the proof of the advertisement and full payment being received by All About Edinburgh a receipt email will be sent to confirm payment received and the agreed dates of the advertisement being live on the website. This will also include the renewal date.


Completion and renewal

On completion of the advertising period (One Calendar year) a renewal payment of clear funds will be required. If the renewal payment is not received the advertisement will be removed from the website. There will be a 14 day grace for payment after the expiry date of the contract for payment to be received.