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Market Street Edinburgh

The Street is named because there was a vegetable market on the northside where the Waverley Station stands.

The Market gave way to the development of the station and the present Waverley Bridge in 1896.

 Looking towards the North Bridge down Market Street. Market Street begins at the Mound and ends at Jeffrey Street. 

Cockburn Street and Market Street Junction Edinburgh

Craig's close

Craig's close which takes you half way up Cockburn Street. This close was famous for the Cape Club a secret gentleman's club with members such as Robert Fergusson, David Hume, Robert Burns, Walter Scott, James Hutton and Henry Raeburn. The club is no longer there.

Craig's Close from market Street to Cockburn Street Edinburgh

The Scotsman Steps

The Scotsman Steps which take you to the North Bridge beside the Scotsman Hotel.  100 mtrs from the Royal Mile.

scotsman steps market street edinburgh

The Edinburgh Dungeon

The Dungeon is a ghost train with a historic story of Edinburgh, murderers and grave robbers

The underground attraction with interactive rides historical events from Scottish history 

Edinburgh Dungeon
Edinburgh Dungeon Attraction Market Street Edinburgh

The City Art Gallery and Cafe

Edinburgh City Art Centre aims to encourage historic and contemporary

Scottish visual and applied arts and help give everyone a journey into the world of art.

There is also a Mimi's Bakehouse café available for food and drink.

City Art Gallery
City Art Gallery Market Street Edinburgh

The Fruitmarket Gallery

Scotland's leading contemporary art Gallery that will have everyone enjoying art.

Fruit Market Gallery
Fruitmarket Gallery. Market Street Edinb

Fleshmarket Close  

Fleshmarket Close takes you to the upper part of High Street near the Tron Kirk. Stop on the way up in the smallest pub in Edinburgh or Jinglin' Geordie's named after a famous Jeweller to the King click on sign for more

Fleshmarket Close of Market Street.jpg

Waverley Station

 Market Street 

Edinburgh EH1 1BB

The entrance to Waverley Station which includes lift can be found on the north side of

Market Street close to the North Bridge. Easy drop off and taxi pickup,

Edinburgh Waverley Rail Station

Physic Garden

Waverley Station,

Edinburgh EH1 1BB

From 1675 to 1763 the Edinburgh Physic Garden was near what is now platform 11 of Waverley Station. At the time it was close to the shores of a small lake, the Nor’ Loch. The site is now marked with a blue plaque. The garden had originally been established at Holyrood in 1670 by Sir Robert Sibbald and Sir Andrew Balfour, founder members of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh. They were inspired to found it by similar gardens they had seen in France. It existed to provide medicinal plants and to teach botany to medical students.

Physic Garden Plaque Waverly Station

Two physicians, Robert Sibbald (1641-1722), seen below, and Andrew Balfour (1630-1694), altered the way in which medicine was practised in Edinburgh. They, with others, established the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh, each was a founding Fellow and later became President. They had both travelled extensively in Europe during their studies of medicine. It is known that Sibbald met and stayed with the great Scottish gardener Morrison in Blois at the garden of the Duke of Orleans.

East Market Street Edinburgh

East Market Street Edinburgh

East Market Street in Edinburgh was a connecting road to the Waverley Station with garages that were unused. Now it is a thriving area with cafes boutique shops and great views of Calton Hill. 

East Market Street starts just after the junction of Market Street and Jeffrey Street which is another way to the Royal Mile. East Market Street has a number of boutique style shops that are built under Jeffery Street. See below for a comprehensive list of the retail shops, Art Galleries, restaurants and accommodation. Also close to East Market Street the best entrance to Waverley Station as there is an elevator and escalators only one floor down to the Station concourse.   

The Taxi rank for the rail station starts just at the junction left under the bridge from the station exit.

East Market Street 

East Market Street  Edinburgh
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