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King’s Stables Road

Grassmarket Edinburgh

King’s Stables Road joins the Old town at the Grassmarket, with the New Town at Lothian Road, towering over King's Stables Road to the east is Edinburgh Castle and the Castle Rock. To the west is a car park where the Stables once stood and West Port Suburbs where Burke and Hare the murders once lived. The Kings Bridge which stretches over the King’s Stables Road is where the old town is joined to the New Town at Johnston Terrace and Castle Terrace. The street name originates from when the Stables of the King were on the west side of the street. You will also find the west gate entrance to West Princes Street Gardens in King’s Stables Road and the entrance to St Cuthbert’s Church. There is a Cottage that stands in King's Stables Road (King's Stables Cottage) to the east the only building in the street on that side. 

Kings Stable Road. Grassmarket Edinburgh

Royal Jousting Tournaments

Chapel Wynd
King's Stables Road Edinburgh

Beneath the Castle walls the Royal Jousting Tournaments once took place.

This was the ultimate test for Knights from many countries. Held by King James IV (last king to died in battle1513.
During the reign of the Chivalrous and splendid James IV (who was crowned in Kelso) Edinburgh became celebrated throughout all Europe as the scene of Knightly feats. The favourite place for Royal tournaments was a spot of ground just below the Castle rock and near the King’s stables. There, James in particular, assembled the nobles by proclamation, for jousting, offering such meeds of honour as a golden-head lance, or similar favours. Presented by his own hand or that of some beautiful woman. Knights came from all countries to take part in these jousts.


During the reign of James the IV Edinburgh became the resort of men high in every department of science and art circa 1500.
The information has been taken from Volume 1 page 35 Old and New Edinburgh

Chapel Wynd Edinburgh

Commemoration of royal jousting tournaments during reign of James IV (1483 - 1513)

James IV Jousting Tournament Line.
Royal Jousting Tournament Edinburgh Castle

King's Bridge

King’s Stables Road

Grassmarket Edinburgh

King’s Bridge was built over 3 years by Thomas Hamilton, 1829-32 and opened in 1833 to give access from the old town by Johnston Terrace, the the west approach road, to the growing new town to the west. This bridge has four obelisk two on each side that dominates the central arch where the road goes through. The King's Stables Road from Lothian Road is one way and no access is available from the Grassmarket to Lothian Road by car.

king's Bridge King's Stables Road Grassmarket Edinburgh

St Cuthbert's R.C. Church


St Cuthbert's Church can be access from King's Stables Road. St Cuthbert is believed to have founded a church by the side of the Nor Loch at the foot of the Castle Rock. It is believed a church has stood on this site since 850 AD, making it Edinburgh’s oldest church building, history mentions St. Cuthbert’s church as far back as 1127. The Church steeple has been in place since 1789. The famous mathematician and inventor, John Napier is buried in the grave yard. In the graveyard are a number of famous people that help shape Edinburgh. Sir Henry Raeburn Painter, James Donaldson founder of Donaldson’s School, Catherine Sinclair author and Philanthropist main funder of the Scott Monument.

St Cuthbert's R.C Church Edinburgh
St Cuthbert's Church Burial Ground Edinburgh

Bum the Vagabond Dog 

King's Stables Road

West Princes Street Gardens Edinburgh

Edinburgh and San Diego, California share a twinning link with a difference. Each city is home to a historic famous dog. Edinburgh has Greyfriars Bobby who died in 1872 at the age of 16 years and San Diego has Bum the vagabond dog who died in 1898 age 12 years. Bum can be found at the gate to West Princes Street Gardens of King Stable Road and Bobby stands in George IV Bridge at the top of Candlemaker’s Row, near the entrance to Greyfriars Kirk yard.

Bum the Dog Statue West Princes Street Gardens King's Stables Road Edinburgh

King’s Stables Cottage

King’s Stables Road

Grassmarket Edinburgh

The now called King's Stables Cottage was built  circa 1835 as a school house to teach trades to the many poor of Edinburgh part of the St Cuthbert's church poorhouse system. It is now a cottage to let for visitors to Edinburgh. A unique place to stay next to Edinburgh Castle a Graveyard and Princes Street Gardens.

King's Stables Cottage King's Stables Rooad Holidy rental
King Stable Cottage Plaque
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