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Edinburgh & Scotland

Helicopter Tours

Take a trip of a lifetime on a Helicopter and see Edinburgh from above.

From high in the sky in a private helicopter flight take photos that others will wow.​

Edinburgh and Scotland Helicopter
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Edinburgh Helicopter Tours

Fly Private

For helicopter tours in Edinburgh, bespoke private helicopter tours


private jet flights to Edinburgh

call us on +44 (0) 207 315 4431

(24 hours) 

Heliscot Ltd

Balado Airfield


KY13 0RF

07876 433089

Edinburgh and Scotland

Helicopter Tours

Northumberland Helicopters

Looking for a Helicopter sightseeing flight

in Scotland

Flights are available from

a number of Helipads

West Lothian - Ayrshire - Perth

Balado - Cumbernauld

0191 249 9240


HG Helicopters

For helicopter tours in Edinburgh,

Grigor hill Industrial Estate,


IV12 5HX

Phone: 01667 459469

office: 07768530023

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