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All About Edinburgh

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  All the Attractions

The present population (2019) is approximately 500,000 residents.

All About Edinburgh is a Search Engine guide to all the great things to see and do in Edinburgh. Welcome to everything Edinburgh has to offer, both to the visitor and local resident, all in one convenient place. Whether you only wish to visit Edinburgh Castle

or the Palace of Holyrood House, walk the Royal Mile, or climb the ancient volcano Arthur Seat (Ard-Na-Said). 

Tour Scotland's Capital with Free Maps, 

See all the attractions or Tour Scotland from Edinburgh

All About Edinburgh 

Activities & Sports

All About Edinburgh 


All About Edinburgh 

Emergency Services Scotland

All About Edinburgh


Places to Stay

All About Edinburgh has every kind of accommodation for the one day stay to a long stay.  Hotels, Apartments, Backpackers, AirBnB, Houses, Cottages

Large Group accommodation,

Guest Houses, Caravan and Camp Site, Glamping and Hostels

All About Edinburgh

Transport and Transfers

Black Taxis

Edinburgh's reliable council registered Black Taxis which are the safest way to travel in Edinburgh. Flag them down in the street or book by phone or app.

Cash or card payments available.

Black Taxis take up to, 6 passengers with luggage comfortably.

All About Edinburgh

Local & National Tours

Edinburgh Tours

Walk the streets of Old Edinburgh which were first laid over 500 years ago or Edinburgh’s New Town that has been walked for over 250 years. See the underground streets and houses of the 16th + 17th centuries.

any enquiries contact : tours@allaboutedinburgh.co.uk

All About Edinburgh

Food and Drink

Eating out in Edinburgh restaurants is so easy, as there is nearly every style of food from most countries. With over 1000 eateries, takeaways and fast-food, Bistros. There is food for every budget, Michelin restaurants to family run eateries. There are also 24 hour bakers and fast food.  

See Food & Drink Restaurant Guide

All About Edinburgh

Pubs, Bars and Nightclubs

 For a comprehensive list of all the  Night Clubs and pubs in Edinburgh The local bar and gastro pub. Night clubs dance till the early mornings.

Over 30 night clubs and 200 pubs in Edinburgh city centre. A a great choice for all.  Children are welcome

(Time restrictions apply

All About Edinburgh


Edinburgh City Centre has all the department stores and designer shops plus many Boutique fashion stores selling Bags, shoes and clothes.  All the expected high street names and  unique local stores. All tourist stores  selling everything from cigars, whisky, tartan goods, haggis, shortbread and souvenirs. 

All About Edinburgh

Edinburgh Festivals

There are many festivals annually staged in Edinburgh through April till 31st December. Most importantly, The Edinburgh Military Tattoo that is staged at Edinburgh Castle is a must see (Bucket List inclusion) extravaganza for the whole family of all ages.

Children's Festivals and Running Festivals

All About Edinburgh


If you are looking for a special venue for your Wedding look at Edinburgh for your ultimate wedding and photographs. Edinburgh Castles, ancient churches and buildings, on the beach or in private grounds, in a cave or under the city streets of old Edinburgh.

Edinburgh Holds 1000's of

Weddings every year

All About Edinburgh 

TV and Film Locations

Once you have taken in the sights of Edinburgh you can then look at the rest of Scotland, with all the destinations that you have heard about or seen on the TV or in Films. Harry Potter, The Wicker Man, Outlander, Da Vinci Code,

Chariots of Fire, Brave, Mary Queen of Scots, Robert the Bruce, Braveheart, Skyfall and many more. 

Edinburgh Coat of Arms.
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Edinburgh Coat of Arms.
Edinburgh Coat of Arms.