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Edinburgh Zorbing Activities

Zorb Football | Bubble Football

Bubble Football, is more fun than football, everyone is in a specialized individual zorb ball with only your legs outside the zorb giving protection to the rest of your body. To enable balance and playing football. Then the fun begins. 

Zorbing | Rolling Haggis

A zorb is a inflatable transparent plastic ball. In Zorbing you get into the ball which is like a hamster ball, Which is then in the rolling Haggis left to roll down a hill at high speed.


Rolling Haggis


Biggar Road


EH10 7DU

City of Edinburgh


0845 539 0834

Bubble Soccer

Zorbing Football

World Of Football
Edinburgh Corn Exchange
11 Newmarket Road
EH14 1RJ

0800 689 3081


Bubble Football

Zorbing Football

Power League

10 Westbank Street


EH15 1DR

0131 669 2266

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