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Pan For Gold

Wanlockhead village

Pan for gold in the nearby Wanlockhead streams. All equipment and waterproofs provided. 

I have panned for gold and it was a great day out.

In the Wanlockhead museum learn about the area and see many of the minerals taken from the hills.

Finding Gold 

Pan for Gold

Wanlockhead Village,

Dumfries and Galloway,

ML12 6UT

In Wanlockhead village the Romans mined the ​lead for their armour and weapons.

Wanlockhead villages is over 450 meters up the hills of the Southern Uplands of Scotland, Wanlockhead and Leadhills  area  became known as "God's Treasure House in Scotland".

The area has produced some of the world's purest gold (22.8 carats)

which was used in the making of the Honours of Scotland (Scottish Crown Jewels) circa 1540.

Panning for Gold Wanlockhead Scotland
Wanlockhead Gold Nuggets

Pan for Gold

From Edinburgh it takes approximately 90 minute. 

The 5 hour Gold Panning experience includes the services of our experienced gold panner, use of all the necessary equipment, panning permit and packed lunch.


Day Out Tour

Visit Carlops, West Linton, Biggar, Leadhills and Wanlockhead

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